Letter from PTA President



Dear Families,

Thank you for visiting our new PTA website!

 Pleasant Ridge PTA is proud of its strong history and looking forward to another wonderful year. We are once again offering our Patriot's Pledge program to fund activities and resources needed at the school.  We have more levels of donation options this year to fit your budget.  The money collected for Patriot's Pledge along with the spring Fun Run goes directly to pay for field trips for all grades – a total cost of almost $7,500.  With strong Patriot support, we can eliminate the need for multiple school fundraisers during the year. We also provide resources and special equipment for teachers with an allocation of about $3,500.  In addition, we also do special allocations for items such as new playground equipment, specialty bulletin boards, etc.To learn more about the many ways our PTA serves your student and family, see the attached summary of our activities. Please contact any of our Officers or Committee chairs for specific information on events.  

We also encourage families to join the PTA for $10.  PTA is a national organization and your dues go directly to support children and schools on a local and state level.  We highly encourage you to join and support children's education.   New this year is a PayPal option to pay your pledge and PTA fees online through this website! 

We will continue coordinating volunteer opportunities that serve our students and staff throughout the year.  We have been impressed and encouraged by the number of new faces stepping up to help out with PTA activities!  The sense of community at Pleasant Ridge is one of the reasons we can be so successful in serving our families!  Thank you so much!!  When everyone pitches in a little, we can accomplish a lot!

I look forward to working with you this year!

Many thanks,

 Gretchen Schmanke, PTA President