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Thank you for visiting our PR PTA website! Our PTA goal is to enrich the environment for our children and families.  It takes many volunteers to make that happen and parent volunteers are always necessary and welcome! We will do our best to keep you updated and look forward to working with you this year! 


Make a difference

For our PTA to be successful, we need YOUR help!  PTA funds generated help pay for field trips, ice cream social, teacher luncheons, supplies and appreciation, holiday breakfast, playground equipment, and more.  We would like to continue these programs and add assemblies and other supplies to support the school. 

2018-19 PTA Board



Gretchen Schmanke

Letter from the President



Amber Wolfe



Marci Theel



Lori Locke



Jeremie Tharp



Julia Kheyfets

Committee Chairs

PRESIDENT:  Gretchen Schmanke  

Oversees committees listed below, sets and oversees PTA master calendar, leads General PTA and Exec. Board meetings, supports Treasurer, manages general PTA needs. 

Hospitality- Facilitates staff appreciation, teacher luncheons, and recognition of staff throughout the year  

Chair: Michelle Owells 

Committee member:  Heather Smith

Yearbook- Designs and coordinates the production of the school yearbook  

Chair: Julie Gerber

Welcoming – Coordinates activities for new families to PR. 

Welcome Breakfast for parents: Lynelle Lankford and Kay Smith

Ice Cream Social:  Jody Garey

Kindergarten Round Up: Jody Garey

Staff Welcome Breakfast: Jody Garey

Playground – Visually inspects equipment and coordinates implementation of new equipment as needed   

Chair: Crystal Krueger

Landscaping– Facilitates weeding, trimming and upkeep of PR grounds   

Chair: Shelley Pollak


Oversees committees listed below, submits fundraising paperwork to district, attends general and Exec Board meetings, supports general PTA needs. 

Spirit Wear — Coordinates design and orders for school spirit wear and signs   

Chairs: Amber Wolfe, Marci Theel & Jeremie Tharp

Box Tops and Amazon Smile — Collects and submits Box Tops throughout the school year.  Informs people how to get set up on Amazon Smile. 

Chair: Sara Oberle

Committee Member-- Andrea Cook, Elizabeth Hart, Leslie Gast

Restaurant Nights – Plans and coordinates various restaurant nights throughout the year   

Chair: Jill Boster

Committee Member—Kayleigh Glover

Fun Run — Plans, promotes and coordinates the annual Lap-a-thon

Co-chair: Michelle Anderson & Lori Locke

Committee Members— Mindy Finuf, Jessica Witt

Silent Auction – Plans, promotes and coordinates Silent Auction gift baskets and staff donations.  

 Co-chairs: Mullai Shipley & Katie Herrenbruck

Committee Member—

          Gift baskets: Lori Locke and Joey Weikal

          Sales Processing: Mullai Shipley, Gretchen Schmanke,  Amber Wolfe


Trivia Night -  Plans, promotes and coordinates Trivia Night fundraiser

Chairs: Jeremie Tharp & Megan Kautio

Committee Member (tickets): Amber Wolfe

Committee Member (donations): Leslie Gast 

Committee Member (food):  Erin McGinty

Committee Member (decor):  Marci Theel

VP EVENTS:  Lori Locke

Oversees committees listed below, attends general and Exec Board meetings, supports general PTA needs. 

Carnival – Plans, promotes, and coordinates the annual school Carnival.   

Chairs:  Tammy Gros and Lori Locke

Committee Member (Games): Brooke Peters

Committee Member (Ticket Sales): Jill Speicher 

Committee Member (Volunteer coordinator): Lynelle Lankford

Committee Member (food): Lori Locke

Committee Member (Prize Coordinator): Kayleigh Glover

Holiday Breakfast Plans and coordinates the school’s Holiday pancake breakfast with Santa.   

Chair: Alisha Drummond

Committee Member—Angie Schmidtberger

Father/Daughter Dance – Plans and coordinates the school’s Father/Daughter dance   

Chairs: Lori Locke & Tony Witt

Committee Member—Marcie Kameta

Mother/Son Event – Plans and coordinates the school’s Mother/son activity   Chair: Lori Locke

Committee Member—Marcie Kameta

Committee Member-- Sara Oberle

Skating Parties – Plans and coordinates the school’s skating parties with Skate City   

Chair: Melissa Abernathy

VP PROGRAMS:  Marci Theel      

  Oversees committees listed below, attends general and Exec Board meetings, supports general PTA needs.

Bike Rodeo — Plans and organizes the 3rd grade Bike Rodeo  

 Chair: Amber Wolfe

Committee Member— (2nd grade parent) Lori Wendling

Reflections Competition –Promote and submit entries for Reflections, a Creative Arts Competition that takes place in the fall.

Chair: Laura Baker

Cultural Arts – Plans and coordinates 1-2 school-wide, fun, educational assemblies per year.   Chair: Gretchen Schmanke


Legislative – Coordinates legislative information and ways for community to get involved in the legislative process.

Chair: Cindy Holscher

Junior Master Gardeners – Coordinates with school to support Jr. Master Gardeners program   Chair: Natalie Nitz

Recycling – Oversees recycling program at PR.  

 Chair: Beth Beseau

BingoPlans and carries out the school’s BINGO nights twice a year.   
Chair: Kim Winsor

 SECRETARY:  Jeremie Tharp

Oversees committees listed below, takes notes at General and Exec. Board meetings, posts meeting minutes to website, manages/oversees copying of flyers, manages facebook page and other media including the Remind App. 

Directory/Membership – Advertises and encourages new PTA membership, collects Patriot Pledge donations, coordinates membership dues with Treasurer, produces and distributes student/family directory in the fall.   

Chairs: Michelle Anderson and Sara Oberle

Recognition  -Organizes STAR nominations and staff recognitions during events and appreciation weeks  

Chair: Kim Winsor

Social and Classroom Coordinator/Teacher Favorites – Recruits and coordinates with grade level Room Moms to organize classroom activities, coordinates with staff in the fall to update Teacher Favorites list.

Chair: Michelle Anderson

Newsletter/Website Manages PTA facebook page, sign-up genius help/support, quarterly Newsletter, calendar and PTA website. Would receive training on how to update and maintain website.

 Chair: Gretchen Schmanke

Bulletin Board maker-- Creates PTA bulletin board in the fall to recognize members and PP donors. 

  TREASURER:    Julia Kheyfets 

Works with Quicken program to set and update PTA budget, pays bills, makes withdrawls/deposits, and manages financial and tax paperwork.  

Allocations: Handles teacher reimbursement for expenses   

Chair: Mandi Pritchard